Currently the most activated of the pocket parks, Centennial Park has a small pavilion, play equipment, picnic table, benches and a basketball court. Stop by Centennial Park and think about what else you would like to see here!

Park Size: Centennial Park, the largest of the West Ward pocket parks, measures just over 14,000 square feet – about the size of 2.5 NBA basketball courts.

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  • Melissa M Miranda
    August 16, 2020

    This is a wonderful idea! We would have loved to have been invited to help promote involvement in providing feedback by residents (NHCLV- Community Health Center on Northampton St). Please keep us in mind. I hoped the park attached to the stadium was one of the pocket parks but imagine that will be updated or re-imagined as part of upcoming construction to that area. That park is used heavily, but not necessarily updated. Thank you.

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